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Weekender Package


The budget package for larger home projects or suitable for the start-up weekend curber. The Weekender Package has all the basic components necessary to install curbing neatly around flower beds and along driveways.

Weekender Package

Product Description

Home owners and weekender type start-up business owners love this budget minded curbing package. The Weekender Package has all the basic components necessary to install curbing neatly around flower and garden beds and along driveways. With our Gold Seal 50% Certification you have a one year trade-in guarantee of 50% on an upgraded machinery package later.

Weekender Package Features

  • Black Pro-Series Curb machine – Model BPS200E. Includes one year machine warranty.
  • Black Pro-Series Curb Prep machine – Includes one year machine warranty. Low maintenance.
  • Black Pro-Series Concrete mixer with electric motor and one year warranty.
  • Three (3) landscape curb molds.
  • Five (5) finishing trowels with handles (for comfort.) One piece full width.
  • One (1) contractor wheel barrow.
  • Basic tools package includes: 1 shovel, 1 spade, 1 rake, 1 straight edge, 1 curved curb shaping tool, 1 small pointing trowel, 1 large pointing trowel, 1 rubber mallet, 1 drywall knife.
  • Curb Color Application system provides the ultimate in rich vividly colored curbs. Includes curb color applicator, electric mixer with paddle, measuring buckets and mixing buckets, 100 foot extension cord, two curb end application shields, protective plastic covers and electric release powder remover.
  • Curb pattern stamping tool set (6 great pattern styles)
  • Sealer sprayer
  • Product image is example package only. Items included are listed above and are subject to availability. Additional items available.


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