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Warranty Upgrade


Warranty Upgrade

Product Description

The standard warranty offered by Edgemaster on each piece of equipment is a spectacular example of a company which has supreme confidence in its products. For over two decades Edgemaster machines have been offered to clients with a standard 2 or 3 year “no quibble” warranty. This pretty much means that if something goes wrong with your machine in the first 2 years we are going to make it right. The only exception to this warranty was wearing parts like belts. We can now offer an extension of this amazing warranty in increments of one year at a time. If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your equipment will be serviceable for a very long time than this warranty extension is for you.

Least downtime… Lowest Maintenance!

Extended Warranty Features

  • Three year warranty standard on most machines.
  • “No quibble” – Call us and let us help if you have a problem.
  • We will send either replacement parts or a replacement machine.
  • Peace of mind with reliable (almost zero maintenance) equipment.
  • Virtually zero business downtime due to equipment malfunction.
  • You choose standard 2 years or low cost extended warranty up to 7 years.
  • Even get lifetime “no rust” guarantee with a GARP model.
  • Why settle for less? Get the best equipment with the best warranty?


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