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Light Weight Aluminum Curb Trailer



⋅ Aluminum construction means higher capacity
⋅ Sand capacity 3.5 cu yds
⋅ Lowest empty weight – easy tow.
⋅ Retractable equipment loading ramp

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Light Weight Aluminum Curb Trailer

Product Description

This professional curbing trailer IS NOT a lightweight landscape trailer adapted to do the heavy task of curbing. It is in fact a purpose built trailer developed for the task over more than 2 decades of practical experience in curbing operations. Maintenance free aluminum finish and a 5 year manufacturer warranty make this trailer the best investment money can buy.


GVWR 12,000 lbs Standard or Upgrade to 13,200 lbs for $989

Light weight Aluminum Curbing Trailer Features

  • Overall length 18ft. Fits into a standard garage.
  • Lower deck height means easiest loading and less work.
  • Lower overall height means better towing fuel economy.
  • Big 3.5 yd sand capacity because of aluminum construction.
  • Smooth Aluminum sides are great for signs and logos.
  • Aluminum means NO rust and NO repainting and lower weight saves fuel.
  • Sand bin drainage and tarp tie downs are included.
  • Enclosed lockable equipment storage and recessed door with weather stripping.
  • Safety gas struts hold door in position even in strong winds.
  • Equipment loading ramp means no lifting of equipment.
  • High grade proportional electric brakes on all four wheels for added safety.
  • All legally required lights are both recessed and protected for safety. Reflector tape fitted also.
  • Adjustable height trailer coupler suits any height truck hitch.
  • Heavy duty side crank support jack.
  • Warranty is 5 years by manufacturer.


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