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EdgeMixer Gas


⋅ Quiet, efficient Honda engine for use where electricity is not available.
⋅ Load while standing on the ground (or trailer)
⋅ Can be removed from curb trailer and wheeled to curbing site

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EdgeMixer Gas

Product Description

Most popular choice for curbing professionals. Can be easily mounted, demounted and moved around the job site or loaded into a vehicle by one person. Costs about 1/10 the amount to maintain (compared to a mortar mixer with similar production capacity.) This 4 cu ft Gas EdgeMixer produces more concrete curb mix than an 8 cu ft mortar mixer in the same amount of time. The Honda 2.5HP OHV engine is a breeze to start and runs very quietly.

Highest Production… Lowest Maintenance!

EdgeMixer Gas Features

  • Light weight (carry 400lbs more material in trailer)
  • Remove bowl easily to clean or transport
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • 360 degree swivel (unload to wheel barrow in any direction)
  • Can be permanently or easily demounted
  • EasyClean powder coat for durable finish – looks good
  • Three year warranty
  • Big and fast production
  • Honda 2.5HP Gas engine
  • Wheels on machine for easy moving on-site
  • Will fit through a standard door or gate


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