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Edgemaster Training School


Edgemaster Training School

Product Description

Edgemaster has the most comprehensive curb equipment training available. With both class room components and on-site curb installation projects forming the core components, Edgemaster ensures that each machine owner has the confidence to operate each piece of equpment and install the best concrete edging product possible. Though the Edgemaster machinery is designed to be very easy to use – it is essential that every operator has the tuition and experience to make the most of their equipment. Thousands of Edgemaster owners are testimony to the benefits of proper training in all aspects of curb installation – from lighted curb and attractive stamp impression curb to commercial parking lot curbs.

Edgemaster Training Highlights

  • Training available in multiple locations depending on climate.
  • Hands-on actual curb installations on real job sites.
  • Edgemaster’s exclusive surface hardening system generates the very best curbing product available.
  • Training in the use of Edgemaster’s advanced multi-color curb stamping system ensures the most desirable finished product.
  • Tree circles, edging of driveways and paths, commercial curbs and more are all covered.
  • Edgemaster’s?classroom component imparts knowledge on mix ratios, material selection, color systems, marketing, job quoting and more.
  • Machine set-up on all types of terrain including sloping or hilly sites is optimized with hands-on lessons for all attendees.
  • Concrete mix design and preparation is covered both in classroom and on site.
  • Site preparation and trencher operation is an important part of the Edgemaster training.
  • A “full on” content rich program with friendly trainers makes the Edgemaster class a must for machine owners.


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