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Edgemaster GARP Electric


⋅ Corrosion proof steel chassis
⋅ Lifetime No-Rust guarantee
⋅ Silent, clean electric power with lifetime unlimited warranty.
⋅ “EasyClean” Powder Coat finish. (Not paint.)

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Edgemaster GARP Electric

Product Description

EDGEMASTER Electric GARP (Guarantee Against Rust Program) has set the highest standard with fully corrosion proof steel construction. This means with our exclusive lifetime no-rust guarantee that the machine will probably outlast you! Along with our 7 year “no quibble” warranty the GARP is a joy to own. You can be confident that your Edgemaster GARP machine will do its job day in and day out as long as you own it. This guarantee is unlimited!

Edgemaster has been setting standards for decades with exceptional and easy to use features. With numerous patents, innovation and constant development, Edgemaster remains the first choice among curbing professionals. Electric power is clean, convenient, quiet, economical and by far the most popular choice. Great for using indoors, (at trade shows) and where noise is a consideration. Minimal maintenance too! Gas Power is also available.

The GARP model EDGEMASTER can be fitted with many different landscape and commercial curb molds and an unlimited number of custom molds are available. Edgemaster GARP does it all – from lighted curb to attractive stamp impression curb to commercial curbing. EDGEMASTER GARP is the obvious choice for all premium decorative and commercial curbing installers.

Edgemaster GARP electric Features

  • Corrosion Proof Steel Construction (Guarantee Against Rust Program)
  • Profiles (molds) also available in GARP construction for “No Rust” operation
  • Electric 1HP Farm Duty motor provides ample torque and legendary power for any project. Silent, pollution-free operation
  • Unlimited manufacturers replacement warranty, with all components, spare parts and replacement profiles available ex-stock in USA and Canada.
  • Edgemaster’s exclusive 50% guaranteed trade-in value means lower cost to trade up to latest technology and greater long term machine value
  • An advanced and  patented pendulum mechanical action means fewest moving parts of all curbing machines for ultimate reliability. No track and trolley maintenance problems!
  • The unique design and perfect balance of the chassis and pendulum action, ensures the smoothest finished curbs and is the easiest machine to operate. 
  • Edgemaster’s KERBGLIDE chassis design incorporates a perfect mass to surface area ratio. This creates smooth, even curbs regardless of uneven terrain. 
  • EDGEMASTER offset compaction chamber is optimized for Right Handed operation, even against walls, posts and fences, but by simply reversing the profile the machine is equally at home running left handed.
  • Steering tiller is reversable and interchangeable for both right & left handed operation. Excellent for one man curbing business operation  


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