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Edgemaster 4HP Gas AWC


⋅ Profile widths up to 9″.
⋅ Lay curb up to 12″ high.
⋅ Patented double pendulum action.
⋅ Double crank drive transmission
⋅ Also can extrude all standard Edgemaster molds.

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Edgemaster 4HP Gas AWC

Product Description

This Edgemaster does more than landscape curbs. With the proprietary AWC feature – (Adjustable Width compaction Chamber) and an inter-changeable high compaction plunger ram, this is the most versatile Edgemaster yet. Using a unique proprietary drive system with dual pendulums and drive crank arms, this machine packs a real punch. The Edgemaster AWC is able to be configured for curbing up to 9 inches wide and 12 inches tall which means that this machine can do it all.

Commercial grade curbing can be installed in a parking lot one day and 7 inch stamped landcape curb the next – all with one versatile machine. Powered by a mighty 4HP Honda Eco-Tec GX series engine, the EDGEMASTER 4HP AWC is easy to start and easy to operate – even with a one man crew. If your application requires commercial curbing sometimes and landscape curbing as well, than this is the perfect choice.

Edgemaster 4HP AWC Features:

  • Engine: 4.0 HP Honda Eco-Tec GX engine
  • Gearbox: Helical gear transmission – Lifetime lubricated – zero maintenance
  • Drive/Extrusion: Patented Double pendulum – double crank plunger mechanical action
  • Ram: Interchangeable Hi Compaction Ram
  • Hopper: AWC – Adjustable Width compaction Chamber, ram and hopper. 
  • Wheels/Tires: Wide 10.5


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