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Edgemaster 3HP Gas


⋅ 3 HP Honda Eco-Tec GX Series Engine
⋅ Larger 10.5″ pneumatic tires
⋅ Your choice of profiles
⋅ Guaranteed 50% trade-in value
⋅ Patented Pendulum ram action
⋅ Wider more durable and attactive 7″ curb
⋅ Full Powder Coat finish. (Not paint.)

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Edgemaster 3HP Gas
Edgemaster 3HP GasHonda 3 HP Gas engine for ultimate reliability.Pulley and belt covers for operator safety.Double ended molds for machine operation in both directions.Shaped Ergonomic handles on both LH & RH trowels for operator comfort.Adjustable Line Drop Pointer for perfect straight curb lines.KwikChange™ mold attachment for easy fast profile change.“Zero Clearance” Clean operation against walls and fences.Custom Flip-Over™ Height adjuster handles operate closer to obstacles.

Product Description

Edgemaster has been setting standards for decades with exceptional and easy to use features. With numerous patents, innovation and constant development, Edgemaster remains the first choice among curbing professionals. Honda is renowned for quality and longlife. This 3HP ECO-TEC model meets or exceeds all USA/Canada EPA laws. Every Honda dealer will honor the manufacturer’s warranty.

Each Edgemaster is available with your choice of residential and commercial curb molds and can also be fitted with an unlimited number of custom molds. Edgemaster does it all – from lighted curb and attractive stamp impression curb to commercial parking lot curbs.


Edgemaster EM800 3HP Gas Features

  • Honda Eco-Tec 3HP Gas Engine for the most reliable power available.
  • 2 Year unlimited manufacturers warranty. INCLUDES all components, spare parts and profiles available ex-stock in USA, Australia, Canada and many other locations.
  • Edgemaster’s exclusive 50% guaranteed trade-in value means lower cost to trade up to latest technology and greater long term machine value
  • An advanced and  patented pendulum mechanical action means fewest moving parts of all curbing machines for the ultimate reliability. No track and trolley maintenance problems!
  • The unique design and perfect balance of the chassis and pendulum action, ensures the smoothest finished curbs and is the easiest machine to operate.
  • Edgemaster’s KERBGLIDE chassis design incorporates a perfect mass to surface area ratio. This creates smooth, even curbs regardless of uneven terrain.
  • EDGEMASTER offset compaction chamber is optimized for Right Handed operation, even against walls, posts and fences, but by simply reversing the profile the machine is equally at home running left handed.
  • Steering tiller is reversable and interchangeable for both right & left handed operation. Excellent for one man machine operation
  • EDGEMASTER’S “slip-steering” mechanism allows the tightest turns & adjustable steering locks assist one man operation.
  • Operator can easily adjust steering “Toe-in Angle” without tools on the move. Necessary for easy operation in certain situations.
  • Larger 10.5″ diameter pneumatic tires allows operation in all types of terrain including sandy or muddy conditions.
  • Infinitely adjustable wheel struts are easily removeable and relocateable in a greater range up to 18 inches. Necessary for certain curb installation setups.
  • EDGEMASTER has “flip-over” handles on the telescopic height adjusters which allows close, “zero clearance” access along walls and fences or other obstructions which lesser machines do not allow.
  • 7″ (wider) curb means stronger, more attractive and the most durable landscape curb in the world. Less problems and – Happier customers.
  • Every profile (or mold) is supplied with two full width hand-tools to suit each profile. One RH and one LH. Each handtool has a special ergonomical shaped handle for effortless trowelling.
  • EDGEMASTER profiles are easily changed (in 10 seconds) with a single attachment point – Happier workers.
  • EDGEMASTER does not require any changing of under-carriage for mold changes. Saves time and money.
  • EDGEMASTER honda 3HP has a low Center of Gravity making it the best machine for many unique applications such as steep slopes, overhanging edging on pathways and inclined ramps etc.
  • EDGEMASTER is very light at only 175lbs, yet is perfectly balanced and has more “designed-in” strength through years of research and development
  • Protected with the latest hi-tech Powder Coating process, resulting in a long lasting tough baked enamel finish, (not paint.) Very easy to maintain.
  • EDGEMASTER is CE certified meeting the toughest standards for OSHA and insurance and that gives you peace of mind.


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