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Custom Diesel Concrete Curb Machine

⋅ Custom Edgemaster machines available.
⋅ Diesel, electric or gasoline power plants.
⋅ Custom profiles or molds for any application. Call us for more details

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Custom Diesel Concrete Curb Machine

Product Description

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Edgemaster has decades of experience and can design a custom concrete curb machine to suit any concrete curbing application. Provide us with your requirements or specifications and we will design and custom build your slip-form machine.

Or choose from the following options:

  • Power by electric motor, Diesel or Gas engines up to 13 HP
  • Choose any mold shape within 9 inches wide and 12 inches high
  • Machine can be constructed from any grade of Hi strength steel, stainless steel or aluminum.
  • Extrude concrete, asphalt or other material
  • Concrete agitator or manual feed
  • Powder coat or paint in any color
  • Complete manufacturer warranty with every machne
  • Training available
  • Edgemaster – engineering excellence since 1986

This custom Edgemaster machine is manufactured with a diesel engine for a safer work environment in areas such as mines and underground car parking lots.

This particular custom Edgemaster curb machine lays our full range of standard 7″ wide curbs but can be fitted with custom profiles as seen here which produce commercial curb up to 300mm (12 inches) high or as wide as 230mm (9 inches). This is particularly useful in many industrial applications.


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