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Curb Stamping & Texturing System


The Edgemaster Slate Impression and stamping kit is a complete system including the ultimate tooling available for adding a pro finish to any curbs. Each stamp tool is forged in a “one piece” design from High Nickel non-rusting steel and then zinc coated for lifetime protection. (Other inferior copies are mild steel welded and painted.) These stamping tools are a beautiful example of the excellence in engineering exhibited throughout the Edgemaster range of products. There are no finer tools available for stamping curb anywhere in the world.

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Curb Stamping & Texturing System

Product Description

Stamping tools are used to add a distinctive brick or slate pattern to the surface of your curbing and add value and increased profits to your curbing business. The tools need to be able to reproduce this pattern on both straight sections and the most intricate curves. With years of practical evolution the Edgemaster Stamping System does just that – with perfectly forged high nickel steel impression stamps that are formed in one piece. Stainless steel handles are added for durability and to finish these tools off they are then electro-zinc plated for the ultimate in corrosion protection and lifetime useability.

You can be assured of the perfectly formed pattern that exactly matches the surface shape of any one of the four standard Edgemaster molds. Your stamp tools are also guaranteed for life as long as you own an Edgemaster system.

Six tools make up the set along with our proprietary slate impression mat and tray to add a unique surface texture in multiple colors. This system of curb finishing is only available from Edgemaster as it allows you to create curbing with as many as 4 or 5 different colors in a fast and simple process. You will learn this special process at the Edgemaster Training School.

Curb Stamping & Texturing System Features

  • Built Strong! One piece forged high nickel steel – (Not small pieces tacked together.)
  • Stamp tools hot dip Galvanised with Stainless Steel handles – Life time year warranty
  • Designed-in strength proven under tough curbing conditions
  • Stamping mat with handles for multiple color application
  • Stamping mat tray for accurate application of color to mat
  • Over 15 different pattern designs created
  • Stamp system works perfectly on 4 standard molds – Sloping Border, Border Edge, Car Park and Hi Border profiles
  • Training class for 4 and 5 color system also provided at no extra cost


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