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Black Pro-Series Trencher #BPST700S


The professional and specially-designed trenching and bed edging machine makes all tough ground preparation easier and quicker. High output 7 HP Subaru OHC engine and tungsten tipped rotor head for outstanding reliability.

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Black Pro-Series Trencher #BPST700S

Product Description

The specially-designed trenching and garden bed edging machine makes all ground preparation easier and quicker. Our largest trenching machine will make easy work of even the toughest grass and makes trenches precisely for landscape curbing or irrigation/landscape work.

Powered by the renowned Subaru Robin 7HP engine features both trencher and curb ground preparation blades! Rugged solid tires cannot be deflated, and this machine is easy to use and maintain. So efficient and easy to use that landscapers, irrigation installers, and other professionals are switching to the Black Pro-Series Trencher!

The Trencher has a 2 year manufacturers warranty and 3 year warranty on the Subaru 7 hp Gas Motor.

Black Pro Series Sod Cutter Features

  • Renowned 7 HP Subaru Over head Cam 4 stroke engine
  • 3 year Subaru warranty on engine
  • 2 year manufacturers machine warranty
  • Operator clutch handle
  • Adjustable cutting depth up to 4 inches
  • Comes complete with curb rotor and trenching rotor for landcape lights, irrigation and cabling
  • Castor steering allows tight turns
  • Solid rubber tires – rugged and maintenance free
  • Sturdy fabricated steel chassis
  • Durable powder coated finish


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