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Black Pro-Series Electric Curb Machine


⋅ TT action Ram (back & forth only)
⋅ Removeable “EZ Feed” hopper
⋅ Adjustable slip steering
⋅ 6″ curb stamp kit available*
⋅ Choice of 3 popular molds
⋅ RH and LH trowels for each mold

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Black Pro-Series Electric Curb Machine

Product Description

The Black Pro Series (TM) is an economical, light duty, electric powered curb machine. This track and trolley plunger style machine produces landscape curb up to 6″ wide. Three popular molds are included. Full matching finishing trowels are supplied with each mold in left hand and right hand configuration. 6 decorative curbing stamp tools are also available for a unique stamped finish*. Oversized removeable hopper is included for easy feeding of concrete mix into the compaction chamber. Use for smaller projects when the expense of a professional machine is not warranted. This machine operates on common household current of 115 volts.


  • Type: 6″ plunger drive
  • Engine: 3/4HP electric
  • Speed: Up to 12 feet per minute
  • Weight: 159lbs (180 with hopper.)
  • Gear ratio: 15:1
  • Action: Track and trolley (Like TT)
  • Construction: All steel fabricated
  • Extrusion: Concrete/Asphalt – Zero slump
  • Aggregate: 1/4″ to 3/8″

Black Pro Series Features:

  • Plunger style machine with “track and trolley” design.
  • Three molds come with five hand trowels
  • Three pneumatic tires for easy movement.
  • Electric motor produces 3/4 HP
  • Removeable motor cover for easy maintenance
  • Flip-over height adjuster wheel jacks
  • Easy-fill removeable hopper
  • One year limited warranty
  • All the benefits of an electric powered machine at low cost


Free Trouble-shooting and advice Toll Free Hot-line available throughout USA and Canada , via our (920) 212-2872 free-call service, where you can speak personally with an experienced curb operator.


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