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Curbing Coloring Systems

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  • Assurance Admixture

    Assurance Admixture


    Liquid admixture for a Stronger Curb, Improved Workability, Reduced Risk of Cracking and Reduced Effloresence Formation.


  • Same-Day Curb Sealer

    Same-Day Curb Sealer


    A superior long lasting UV protection for colored concrete curbing which can be applied to concrete the same day it is extruded. This solvent based sealer optimizes the curb laying process by allowing an entire curb installation project to be completed in one day from start to finish. No waiting around or coming back to a job site to seal at a later date. The best adhesion and performance of any concrete sealer available.

  • Curb Surface Hardener

    Curb Surface Hardener


    Edgemaster Curb Surface Hardener Pre-Mixes provide the strongest, most durable and long-lasting surface finish for colored curbing. With more than 2 decades of creative research behind our formulation, these compounds add incredible wear resistance to outlast all other curb coloring methods. A popular range of 12 colors is available and you can be sure your clients will be able to select the most suitable match to enhance their property.

  • Color Release Compound

    Color Release Compound


    Edgemaster Color Release is formulated to add a secondary color (up to as many as 5 colors,) to the base curb color giving it an antiquing appearance by using special Edgemaster stamping tools. A slate impression is also made in the surface of the curb and this Release Compound allows these tools to make the correct impression without sticking to the wet concrete curb.