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Edgemaster has been the leading manufacturer of concrete landscape curbing machinery since 1987. With worldwide patents and thousands of machines in daily use in dozens of countries we have the knowledge and experience to provide you wth the best available equipment and training. This online store provides our North American customers with a “one stop shop” to procure all their curbing machine needs. All of our equipment is available via a few clicks of your mouse in the online store, or if you have questions and need answers we have have knowledgeable staff waiting to take your call. Edgemaster Logo Edgemaster prides itself on “Value through Quality” and with the longest equipment warrantees you can be sure of owning the best equipment your money can buy at a price point unmatched anywhere in USA or Canada.

“I am working 5 to 7 days a week and on pace to gross over $300,000 in sales this year. In the 1st three years, I have done 400 jobs and laid 90,000 feet of curb. The equipment is incredible as I have only had to bring my mixer in once for basic service and a belt adjustment.”

– Larry Brown, FL.